Inxeba (The Wound)- A preview

By: Andrea Brown
Aug 22, 2017

In an era where society still finds homosexuality unAfrican and taboo, a South African film has come out to shine a light on the sacred tradition of the amaXhosa initiation ritual.

Starring  singer-song writer, novelist and actor, Nakhane Toure, Inxeba (The Wound) tells the story of a closeted gay factor worker from Queenstown in the Eastern Cape, who served as a caregiver for initiates and subsequently had a relationship with another caregiver. Toure received much criticism from fellow Xhosa South Africans, exclaiming how he can expose something so sacred, so much so that many want the film to be banned.

Spear-heading the heed to halt the film’s distribution is the king of the amaXhosa, Zwelonke Sigcawu who allegedly wants to talk to the film producers “amicably” before approaching the courts to avoid its distribution.

However, in an interview with another publication Inxeba co-producer Batana Vundla said the role of traditional circumcision had been strengthened by the movie, rather than diminished.

"There are a number of genuinely concerned Xhosa South Africans who are perturbed at the thought that the secret tradition of Ulwaluko has been cast open for the whole world to see. Rest assured, that has not happened. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth. How some people have come to this conclusion from watching a trailer speaks volumes about the levels ignorance at play here.”

The film is due to be open at the Durban Gay and Lesbian Film Festival this Friday.

Original film: Channel 24