People Are Sharing Photos of Real-Life Places That Belong in a Wes Anderson Film

Jul 05, 2017

Drector Wes Anderson is known for creating films with a striking visual style and delightfully eccentric characters. They're unforgettable; once you hear titles like Moonrise Kingdom or The Grand Budapest Hotel, you can instantly picture how they look. Clad in retro-inspired color schemes and costumes, his movies inspire us to look for the whimsy of everyday life. For those who find it, they’ve got a place to share their discoveries—the subreddit called Accidental Wes Anderson. There, people from across the globe post places that could be part of his film sets.

The photos capture the spirit of Anderson’s unique aesthetic. Often, the places found feature buildings that are towering, yet quaint. They’re isolated from other—more conventional—structures. Some are surrounded by sprawling forests that seem like the perfect place for mischief. Other structures might not be as desolate, but they have a washed out, vintage look that is the hallmark of a an Anderson scene.

As Reddit demonstrates, the Wes Anderson look isn’t specific to one part of the world. From Scotland to Hong Kong you can find these special places—you just have to be in the right mindset. Redditor jake_tobin is a great example of this. They recently posted a picture of an ornate house on Spadina road in Toronto. When another Redditor saw it, they commented, “I've walked by that building numerous times and never saw it like this. It's crazy what you don't take in sometimes. Thank you.”

Images From My Modern Met