Locnville Style Now Available Online

By: Andrea Brown
Jun 29, 2017

Locnville brothers, Andrew and Brian Chaplin have launched an online store for their ContraBanned clothing label. The site offers apparel for both men and women, with an array of everyday wear that reflects the brand's image.

In early 2017, the brothers introduced their clothing line under the ContraBanned umbrella. Sold previously exclusively at shows, CB branded clothing has become popular, one of the reasons the duo decided it was time to incorporate an online store as a part of their existing website.

“We are excited to launch our online clothing store, especially at such a significant time for the CB brand,” said Brian. “We’ve always wanted to release a line of clothing because it’s such a great extension of what we do.”

Locnville believes Africa is becoming more of a global force in so many respects. To pay tribute to this, they designed the African Icon logo, which is synonymous with the CB brand. “Our country has shaped a huge sense of pride in so many people and my brother and I think the African Icon print represents that pride,” added Andrew.

The range offers t-shirts, vests, and hoodies branded with the CB logo. All attire is designed to suit various shapes and preferences, with each item available in a wide range of colours and sizes. There will also be a ‘CB Editions’ line available in the future, which will represent a higher-class clothing line, including specialised jackets, sweatpants and jeans.

Clear product descriptions, easy payment options and free delivery form part of the online store. Vetro Media developed facets of the platform and will operate customer service, order processing and fulfilment.

Original article by: Bizcommunity