Yoga Works - Get Flexing

By: Andrea Brown
Jun 23, 2017

If you live in Jozi you may have seen large groups of people gathered in unusual places, all wearing athletic clothing, standing or sitting in some of the strangest poses and the question that most likely sprung to your mind is “what are these crazies up to?” Well no worries wonderer, these people are perfectly sane and are merely part of a Yoga Works event.

Yoga Works is a company that was started by Steven Heyman, who after 12 years in a corporate job, gave all that up to become a fulltime yoga instructor for Yoga Works. For Steven, Yoga Works gives the opportunity to share the benefits of yoga and mindfulness of the discipline with the people of Jozi. The company also organises awesome yoga events in and around Johannesburg, giving locals a chance to experience the city in different way.

From hip hop yoga in Hillbrow, to yoga in Brixton Park in down town Joburg, Yoga Works takes yoga enthusiasts, whether beginner or pro, and gives them an opportunity to get out of their comfort zone and try something other than yoga at home or in a studio. It also means that yoga becomes more exposed as a discipline and draws attention from people who might not have considered giving it ago before.

As a lover, though admitted beginner of yoga, I have tried everything from Vinyasa, Hatha, and Ashtanga yoga to aerial yoga (amaze!) and I have been fortunate enough to join in a few of the Yoga Works events. Last year I went to the Mandela Day yoga event at Constitution Hill, which saw yogis working through 27 different poses in honour of Madiba. Children from Lefika la Phodiso: The Art Therapy Centre joined in and donations of R15 000 were raised for Lefika and the kids in enrolled in their programme. It was an incredible experience in which 250 people came together for peace and a greater cause.

Yoga Works not only a holds events at various locations in and around Joburg but also does Yoga in The Park, which happens Saturdays at Delta Park and Sundays at Emmarentia. In summer Yoga Works also offers stand up paddle boarding yoga (SUP Yoga) at Emmarentia Dam. For those looking for a challenge and to cool down in the summer heat, this is a class I highly recommend. It will have you working on muscles you didn’t even know you had.

This weekend (24 June 2017) Yoga Works is hosting Yoga at the CIRA Gallery in Rosebank, one of the most iconic buildings in Jozi. If you are interested in attending, you can take a look at their Facebook account for details or use the link below to view their website.

Yoga Works Facebook:

Yoga Works website: