By: Masego Rabuthu
Jun 21, 2017

The #SocialMediaBlackOut started (ironically) trending on Tuesday afternoon with many using the hashtag to question what this is all about.

South Africa is said to have the second highest data contract prices among a select group of BRICS member countries - Brazil, Russia, India and China. The initiative, which was aimed at forcing cellular companies to lower the cost of data prices, has been pushed and back by poet and musician Ntiski Mazwai. This is a follow up to the previous #DataMustFall campaign led by DJ T-Bo Touch.

Mazwai said the social media blackout is a campaign that is aimed at lowering data prices. Data costs are obscene and are not affordable for people on the ground.  Mazwai called for people to log off social media at midnight for 24 hours and log back on on Thursday to discuss the way forward.

Judging by the tweets which have kept the hashtag trending today, people are not feeling this campaign. Check out some of the hilarious responses below: