Ben Eagle soars with Dickies

By: Leon Jamarie
Jan 13, 2017

Ben Veitch, aka Ben Eagle, is a Johannesburg-based illustrator and graphic designer. His graphic art has been described as" art with refreshing clarity" and "minimalistic yet joyful".

Ben is self-taught having studied music before making his foray into design. "Often the only way to learn is by trial and error," he says.

Largely influenced by his surroundings, especially sign-writing and graffiti, Ben photographs and documents as much of Johannesburg’s sign writing as he can. "I’ve got sketch books where I develop my own type and come up with ideas. I start digitally and end up screen printing by hand, which has been a great skill to learn."

Ben's history with Dickies, the American brand that has been around since 1922, began with his carpenter father. "he was always in work-wear. That's where I was introduced to Dickies. I am a huge fan of Dickies. I love what it stands for, I love that it's got heritage and I love that it's a cool brand without trying to be cool".

See the full story at and check out Ben's work on Instagram: @og_beagles