Jan "Munky" Giebelmann is one bad ass

By: Leon Jamarie
Dec 19, 2016

Jan “Munky” Giebelmann is an very talented tattoo artist who loves clocking up the miles on his motorbike.

For Munky, the tattoo machine is an instant extension of his arm. It all started in 2005 under the guidance of John Edwards, co-owner of Taeoo Crew in London (then owner of Black Star), and Marcus van der Tuin, resident artist at Cape Town’s Wildfire (now working from Cape Electric).

Drawing from their experience and direction, Munky formed his own creative identity – a traditional style, influenced by bold colours and artistic individuality. Drawing inspiration from the likes of Seth Arcane, Corey Divine, Myke Chambers and Destroy Troy, as well as the great artists he has had the privilege to work with, Munky’s hunger for industry knowledge is never satisfied. When he’s not doing what he does best at Fallen Heroes, Munky works freelance for various corporate companies and creates one of a kind artwork.

Munky has been struggling with debilitating pain since 2008, beginning with his back and only getting worse by spreading to his wrists and hands. This impacted his tattoo career but after undergoing medical treatment this tough guy is back in full swing creating art on body canvas again.

“What attracted me to the tattoo industry was freedom of choice and  freedom of expression. I’d like to make your tattoo appointment more than just a permanent work of art, but also an experience that you’ll look back on and think, ‘Fuck! I had a blast!", he says.

Check it out at www.dickies.co.za