Cons Skidgrip is Built For The Streets

By: Leon Jamarie
Sep 23, 2016

Lightweight with a high traction sole and flexible, the Cons Skidgrip is the street- ready sneaker for the body that doesn’t want to stay still.

This is for those of us that are more comfortable in those non-places; back streets, side alleys, parking lots, concrete jungles, astro turfs, and stretches of tarmac. Originally a tennis shoe, the Cons Skidgrip has a Herringbone outsole that is street-ready.

Flexible, comfortable, low-key and high traction, this sneaker is for those always on the move, its built for the streets. It’s made to move with you, on any surface, anytime, anywhere.

Key features:

Flexible comfort

Canvas upper

Herringbone outsole

Traction for the streets

The new Converse Cons Skidgrip will be available from Friday, 23 September, at Converse retail stores, third party retailers and on at a suggested retail prices of R599.95.

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