Online shopping made easy for both retailers and customers

By: Andrea Brown
Sep 21, 2016

Breinify, an e-commerce recommendation engine launching at TechCrunch Disrupt SF 2016, may have found the solution to providing customers with accurate and easy purchasing experience online.

It takes away the general grouping of products and data harvested from buying history to suggest products and instead combines a user’s demographics preferences, current interests and immediate intents to figure out exactly what they want to buy and when they want to buy it.

The startup has enabled a retailer to add a line of code to their site, which calls a custom API whenever a customer lands on the site., making the system easy to use. A few milliseconds later the API sends back a list of products that Breinify has determined a customer wants to see.

Breinify charges per “activity,” which is any time a retailer asks for a list of recommended items for a specific customer, whether it is for a website, an emailed newsletter, etc. There is a free tier with up to 40,000 activities a month, a commercial tier with 30 million activities a month and a bunch of options in between.

This could very well be the future on online shopping. Read more here.