Notorious Former Hacker Reveals How Cyber Criminals Can Steal Your Details In 3 Steps

By: Andrea Brown
Sep 02, 2016

In an extremely worrying demonstration former infamous hacker Kevin Mitnick shows you how in just three simple steps hackers can steal your personal information when you connect to a public wi-fi network. This security threat is a very real problem and too many users are logging in to networks without knowing the risks they are opening themselves up for.

Cyber crime is on the rise and we need to be vigilant to ensure our precious data remains in tact.

See the 3 simple steps below:

  1. Hackers set up a fake Wi-Fi network in a public space
  2. Once you are using a fake access point all your keystrokes are recorded, which can reveal your personal information if you have used any log-in details
  3. Hackers will steal your passwords and send you fake updates for the user to install. If installed, the hacker will have complete access to your system without you knowing

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