EdTech To Be The Next FinTech Bubble

By: Samantha Van Wyk
Aug 31, 2016

FinTech was the when financial industries took the world by storm and completely transformed the way we do banking and access our money. Fintech startups identified a shift in society, one led by a hungry consumer demand for innovative and digital services.

Investors jumped on board and although some tend to think FinTech is still in it’s infancy stats seem to show that investment has peaked in the first quarter this year with a whopping $5.3 billion.

With this in mind many have started to predict the next big thing ready to explode in the digital world and that is EdTech which is currently poised to be the biggest and possibly most profitable digitalized sector yet.

Technology is transforming education around the world, just as digitalization has transformed the financial services industry, it too will soon have its progressive grip wrapped around education.