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Instagram Just Launched More Tools To Keep The Media-Sharing Platform Safe

Instagram has made a lot of improvements to the photo and video sharing site of late and now they’ve added even more tools in order to “Keep Instagram Safe”. The update sees more tools being implemented and allowing the user to have more control of their accounts.

Following the ability to filter comments based on keywords update, Instagram has now introduced comment control features, the ability to remove followers from private accounts anonymous reporting for self-injury posts.

The updates will be available to all Instagram account holder in the the next few weeks. In order to turn off comments on a post:  Tap “Advanced Settings” before you post and then select “Turn Off Commenting.” You can also tap the … menu any time after posting to turn commenting back on. To Like a comment, tap a heart icon next to any comment.


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You can read more about the updates here.

“At the end of the day there is no better way to consume what is happening in the world other than images and video and I think Instagram is at the nexus of both of those”. These updates still mark the beginning. We will continue to work to maintain Instagram as a welcoming and safe place for everyone,”says Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom.

“Since the beginning of Instagram, we have focused on making it a welcoming place for everyone. [We are committed] to keeping Instagram a positive place for self-expression.”

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