Dan Roberts and Thomas Krane
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Dan Roberts & Thomas Krane For Dickies

The French poet Victor Hugo once said “music expresses that which cannot be said and on that which it is impossible to be silent.” Two men who know all about music are Dan Roberts and Thomas Krane.

Dan Roberts is a SAMA-winning music producer. Having previously been nominated for 4 SAMA’s across several categories, he came up trumps in the 18th South African Music Awards where he won the award for Best Producer for his work on Laurie Levine’s album Six Winters.


Created in 2008, Thomas Krane introduces an unapologetically raw, edgy tone to the South African music industry.  Not just a band, Thomas Krane is an on-stage persona and is the brain child of Dan Hampton.

Both of these men share more than just passion for music, they share a passion for Dickies too.


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